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Extracurricular Activities to Include on Application


AMCAS allows you to report up to fifteen meaningful experiences in the Work/Activities section of the application. You will have 700 characters to describe each of these experiences. Of the 15 experiences, you will choose three most meaningful experiences that were especially impactful. You will have an additional 1325 characters to describe these experiences. Experiences can include paid or volunteer clinical experiences, community service, extracurriculars, hobbies, publications, research experience, work experience, shadowing, leadership, and awards.


In AACOMAS/ACCPMAS, you will designate each of your experiences as one of the following types of experiences: – Non-Healthcare Employment – Extracurricular Activities – Non-Healthcare Volunteer or Community Enrichment – Healthcare Experience. You will have 600 characters to describe each of these experiences. You can add additional experiences after you submit your application, but you cannot update or delete completed ones. You need to keep track of the details of every experience you aim to include on the application, including the organization name, location, a supervisor’s contact information, the date you started and ended, and how many hours a week you spent at this experience.

Extracurricular activities are important when applying to medical school. Not only does it show your interest but also make you a competitive applicant. You should pick extracurriculars that you are passionate about and are meaningful. When it comes to completing your medical school primary application, you will have 15 spaces to enter your work/activities that you have done throughout your undergraduate years. Out of the 15 extracurriculars, you will have to choose the top 3 activities that are meaningful to you and explain why and how it has been meaningful to you.

Some ideas of extracurriculars are:

  • artistic endeavors

  • community service/volunteer – medical/clinical

  • community service/volunteer – not medical/clinical

  • conferences attended

  • study abroad opportunities

  • organizations where you held huge leadership positions

  • extracurricular activities

  • hobbies

  • honors/awards/recognition

  • intercollegiate athletics

  • leadership – not listed elsewhere

  • military service

  • paid employment – medical/clinical

  • paid employment – not medical/clinical

  • physician shadowing/clinical observation

  • presentations/posters

  • publications

  • research/lab

  • teaching/tutoring/teaching assistant

I have also attached a photo of my resume during undergrad. This will give you a sense of what schools are looking for when submitting your extracurricular activities on your application.

When I started applying to medical school, I made a list of activities that I had been a part of since I came to college in 2015. Of that list, some of those organizations, I barely participated in for a long time. Those types of activities were not included in my medical school application because I was involved in many organizations where I had a meaningful impact.

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