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Why I love Research, Personal Experiences and More

Lessons I learned in research

Research is not required for medical school admission, but it does look impressive to medical school admissions committees. That being said, don't just do research to impress the committee, but do it for your self – make sure you enjoy research. It is essential to stay committed to research for at least a year, preferably in a laboratory setting, if you prefer to participate in medical research. I was never allowed the opportunity to conduct research within my department during undergrad; however, I had a keen interest in African American studies among young black males. The purpose of this research was to analyze the effects on African American male development. This research will evaluate African American male students' attitudes toward academic excellence. I contacted a professor in the Office of Psychology, and they awarded me with a grant to monitor my research for five months. Seven program seminars were conducted addressing issues related to Black males' academic success. Pretest and post-test assessments were collected, targeting 13 African American males attending HBCUs. The results from my research predicted that The Alpha Excellence Academy Educational Program would increase favorable attitudes towards academic success. The correlational analysis will be conducted examining the relationship between seminar related topics and perspectives towards academics. I attached the PowerPoint presentation of my research as well.

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Where to Find Research Opportunities?

  1. Talk to your professor that you are interested in doing research with.

  2. Browse through the faculty webpage of your university.

  3. Talk to your pre-med or academic advisor regarding research interests.

  4. Look into company’s website for summer internships

10 reasons why I love research:

– Allows you to learn something new everyday

Helps with outstanding recommendation letters

– Satisfying once you come across the hurdles

Increases critical thinking skills

– Allows you to meet new people and network with them

– Applicable to any field of interest

– Allows you to become comfortable with the uncomfortable

-Challenging yet gratifying

– Improves leadership skills

– Improves writing skills

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