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Travis Scott Nike Air Max 270

The Travis Scott Nike Air Max 270 shoe will start my segment of Hype vs. Heat Podiatric Sneaker Reviews. This shoe is considered Hype. Travis Scott is currently one of the top mainstream Hip Hop artists in the game; therefore, this sneaker is considered Hype since everyone will buy it because of his name. This morning I tried to purchase these shoes because the resale value is costly. I tend only to purchase shoes that have a high stock value. Travis Scott is my favorite Hip Hop artist, and my goal is to own every pair of his shoes. Unfortunately, the SNKRS app was not in my favor this morning.

You walk every day. The average human takes an average of 6,000 steps per day, or almost 3 miles a day. That is a lot of steps to trust to just any old shoe, especially when good shoes for walking all day are as affordable as ours.

Without the best walking shoes for your feet, you could end up with lifelong foot pain as you age. Many claim to be the best walking shoes. The truth is, most walking shoes are constructed very differently than how sneakers should be.

Some shoes are comfortable when you slip them on, only to leave you with aching, painful feet after a few hours of wear. The reason is simple. Most sneakers/shoes are flat inside, which means they do not conform to your foot and are not the best shoes for walking.

I will start this segment off by describing the pros and cons of this particular shoe.

The design brings together a 90s attitude and aesthetic with a well-worn feel. The browns, tans, and oranges at the painted base layer of the exposed foam are derived from a trail-inspired style of overlays with a color palette akin to Travis Scott’s affinity for vintage style. This show is not engineered to be a performance sneaker. Rather, it is meant to act as a comfortable casual lifestyle show. With this being said, because it is packed with cushioning and comfort. This is beneficial for heel support. Lack of heel support in a shoe can lead up to plantar fasciitis. This diagnosis occurs because the lack of heel support in some shoes causes inflammation of the ligaments that connect the heel bone to your toes.

Pro of these shoes:

  • Extremely responsive ride with its large unit at the heel

  • Flexible reinforced rubber and rubber outsole

  • The sneaker snugs to your foot

  • Mesh overlay makes these shoes very breathable and lightweight

  • Designed to be comfortable with a lighweight upper dual-foam midsole and responsive heel


  • Tend to run narrow so its unfortunate for individuals with wide feet

  • They are very expensive if not bought in the first five seconds of selling out.

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