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Medical School Interview Attire Tips

Interview Tips:


  1. Do wear clothe that fit comfortably

  2. Do keep clothes wrinkle free

  3. Do wear little makeup

  4. Do wear simple jewelry

  5. Do simple hairstyle

For men:


  • A well-fitted, solid (or conservative pinstripe), navy blue, gray, or black single-breasted suit

  • White shirt with barrel cuffs

  • Silk or silk-like tie that is a lighter shade than your suit

  • Black, leather belt

  • Black, mid-calf dress socks

  • Black, lace-up shoes or leather slip-ons

  • Hair and facial hair trimmed and neatly groomed

Do Not Wear…

  • Flashy cuff links

  • Excessive jewelry, like rings (except wedding ring), neck chains, or earrings

  • Cologne or other potentially distracting fragrances

For women:


  • A well-fitted, but not too revealing, solid (or conservative pinstripe), navy blue, black, or grey skirt (at least knee-length) or pants suit

  • Solid, white, cream, or other pastel blouse — button-down or pull-over with or without a collar

  • Flesh-toned stockings

  • Black, closed-toe heels (do not exceed 1.5 inches) or flats

  • Minimal makeup and accessories

Do Not Wear…

  • Excessive or large jewelry (i.e. opt for studs instead of hoop earrings)

  • Excessive makeup or perfume

  • Noisy shoes

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