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Air Jordan 3 "Animal Instinct 2.0 edition

Following the two brief postponements in light of the global health crisis and current events, the Air Jordan 3 "Animal Instinct 2.0 edition in Black/Multicolor is dropping this week on June 25th. The retail value is $225. This version sports reptile-inspired textured prints covering its leather upper, alongside distinct colors and patterns prominent on the toe, heel overlays, heel tab, and ankle collar. Its Finishing touches consist of red accents throughout, three sets of colored laces, a sail rubber sole, and "INSTINCT" embroidered behind the tongue. In my opinion, this shoe isn't considered Hype or Heat. There is no releases this week that are considered Hype vs Heat . I still believe that this colorway will sell out because it still has a unique style to the sneakers.

From the views of a future podiatrist

When you walk or run, your foot naturally rolls slightly inward to lessen the impact pounding the pavement has on your body. That natural movement is called pronation. But some people's feet turn too far inward—that's called overpronation, And when the foot doesn't roll inward enough or rolls outward instead, it's called supination. Nike tends to have narrow sneakers and soft insoles. Narrow shoes and soft insoles have an impact on your feet. Your body doesn't optimally distribute impact with features of shoes similar to Air Jordan 3s. These shoes are considered basketball shoes because of their stability and comfortability, yet they still have some flaws.

Overpronation and supination don't allow the body to optimally distribute impact, which can increase the chance of injuries—especially stress-related injuries. All shoes have their pros and cons, so do your research before making an expensive purchase on a pair of shoes.

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