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Air Dior 1s

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

 She likes the way that I dance
 She likes the way that I move 
She likes the way that I rock 
She likes the way that I woo.

Guess what song these lyrics come from???

Pop Smoke and many other artists have made the known fashion brand Christian Dior more prevalent in the urban culture with their popular mainstream music.

When Dior and Jordan Brand officially unveiled its collaborative relationship during December 2019, the world went crazy.

Over the past weeks, the hype surrounding the Air Dior dropped made it all across the world. Dior announced the winners a few weeks ago, which means only a very lucky few were given a chance to purchase a pair. Since Jordan & Dior are very known brands, the number of people trying to win this raffle was going to be high. The shoes were selling for $1500. I thought that was expensive but look at the Stock X price now. The average shoe is selling for 10K.

To say that your odds of purchasing

these Air Dior were slim is an understatement. If you entered into the raffle to pay $1500(retail price), your chances of winning were like winning the lottery ticket. That's far from any great opportunity, but some were lucky enough to get their hands on a pair. These shoes are very comfortable and stylish, plus I believe some doctors with shoe game can rock this pair of shoes.

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